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About The Bílá Ski Resort

Bílá Ski Resort (SKI Vítkovice Bílá) was established in 1965 to provide skiing and cross country skiing opportunities for people from the Ostrava region. Alpine ski race team was also estableshed.

The operator of the ski resort is SKI Bílá - Služby s.r.o. Our main goal is to provide high quality skiing experience to our clients as well as to improve the development of our ski racers.


History of The Bílá Ski Resort

1965 ski lift along the ski slope Zbojnická was built
1968 ski cabin was established
1974 ski slope was extended and a small ski lift was built 
1980 montage of the ski lift Tatra – Poma
1981 easy (blue) ski piste was implemented and bridge across the river was bulit
1991 sport filed SOUL was built
1992 Vehicle Mulda was bought

ski lift  TLV 12 on Southern slope was constructed

1995 first snow fan Sufag was bought
1996 second snow fan Sufag was bought, new water supply
1997 montage of the ski lifts Doppelmayr and Bohrer
1999 southern slopes renovation
2000 easy (blue) ski piste renovation, new snow fan was bought
2001 montage of snow tower
2003 new vehicle Kassbohrer PB 300W was boughtt, renovation of southern ski slopes, new office building

free parking lot



Cross country ski trails, installation of web cameras system for live TV programme Panorama

(ČT 2)


new chair lift Zbojník was built, and checking system SKI DATA was installed, expansion of the parking lot

2007 new snow fans and snow towers
2008 southern ski piste expansion
2009 ski lift  Javořina on the northern slope was constructed, snowmobile Lynx 600 was bought


Bílá and surroundings

Village Bílá is situated in the catchment area of White Brook and Black Brook which lead to the Ostravice River. Bílá and surrounding mountains belong to the Beskydy Mountain Range and the Western Carpathian Mountain system.

The climate is rather cold with high precipitation - 1023 per year. The Beskydy mountains are protected by State, and so is the village of Bílá.


Wooden church of Saint Frederik

Wooden church was built in the 1970s by the architect Antonín Kybast. The concept of the church is quite unique because it is not similar to any other wooden church in the Beskydy mountains. The architecture has elements of Northern Architecture because of its tall tower. Also its arcitulate roof and platform are rather unique and complex which only proofs how crafted the artisans were.

Hunting Lodge

Hunting lodge was setablished by the arcibishop in 1906. The Lodge's walls are made of shingle which is still original.

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Lysá Mountain

The highest peak of the Beskydy Mountains with elevation of 1323m. Hiking is possible all year long.


Favourite hiking place is Pustevny and Radhošť which are famous for its wooden architecture. Radhošť is the second highest mountain in the Beskydy Mountains (1129m) and it is also the home of the pagan god Radegast whose statue is on the hike from Pustevny to Radhošť. 

Wallachian Open Air Museum

Wallachian Open Air Museum is a perfect palce to explore what the life was like in the past centuies. There are real size displays of buildings, fields, meadows. The museum expands and provides new displays every year.

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